Thoughts And Meditations: Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

1. Why do I spend so much time, thought, and energy concerned about what I might give up in the pursuit of GOD, rather than the Kingdom I am gaining entrance and belonging to?

2. I am putting all my chips on my LORD Jesus Christ. My life and my being are riding on Him.

3. The beauty of the Light of GOD in His people as they become one with each other in Christ Jesus will be beyond comprehension.

4. The LORD is fitting us together, building His Temple. How glorious this will be! How glorious this now is!

5. GOD’s LOVE cannot be bought or earned or stolen. GOD’s LOVE can only be freely received and freely given.

6. Why should you love yourself? Because you are created to be the image and likeness of GOD. Now, LOVE your neighbor the same, for the same reason.

7. Do not let other’s inability to love stop you from being the LOVE GOD created you to be. – Dan Mohler, Todd White.

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