Concerning Christianized Gossip

When a brother or sister in Christ Jesus does not live up to our expectations for them and sins in some way, or falls short in speaking the truth, it is not right for us to talk about them and their failure. It is not right to correct them publicly just because their shortcoming in our eyes was public. It is also not right to correct them on national programs just because they are a celebrity; no matter how “kind, gentle, and lovingly” we do so. This is all gossip.

According to the WORD Of GOD, we are to go to that person privately and talk with them in love; to bring conviction, repentance, and correction. Unless we do so, and have that person’s permission to speak about it publicly we are engaging in gossip and compounding our own sin.

When we gossip, we are joining with the Accuser of the Brethren, and giving him testimony to use against ourselves and our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus in the Courts of Heaven, where he is the prosecutor accusing us and demanding the right to execute judgment against both us and the one we are gossiping about. Unless we repent, the Righteous Judge must give a righteous verdict against the one we gossip about (unless they have repented) and against us for our gossip and our pride in so doing.

We must STOP (!) talking about each other and others. If there is some sin that we believe we must speak about, then we should first search out our own hearts and deal with our own sin. Then, and only then, may we approach our brother or sister in lovingkindness and true humility concerning the issue. NEVER are we to broadcast their sin in public, or privately to anyone else! If the brother or sister refuses our counsel in private, then we are to go to our Abba Father. He will direct us whether He wants us to bring two or three witnesses who are in the proper position to address the issue or if He wants us to leave it to Him to deal with it apart from our involvement.

Also, we are to forgive the brother or sister in Christ Jesus just as Christ Jesus has forgiven us on the Cross; otherwise, our Abba Father cannot forgive us of our own sin.

Please, let us stop living daily in the sin of gossip; and being so hypocritical as to “Christianize” it by couching it in fluffy religious language.

Dearest LORD GOD, Abba Father, examine me, examine my heart and soul. Reveal to me the ways in which I gossip about others: Christians and non-Christians, public celebrities and pastors and politicians, and private people. Reveal my sin to me that I may repent. Help me to confess my sin with a contrite heart, and join together with Holy Spirit to learn to rule the thoughts of my heart and my mind according to Your Holy WORD. Help me to fully turn away from all forms of gossip, and to only use my mouth, lips, and tongue to build up, encourage, and edify others in righteousness, love, peace, and joy. Help me to mature into the fullness of Christ Jesus in the way I think and speak about others. Help me to speak Your Holy WORD by Your Holy Spirit, or to not speak at all. In LORD Jesus Holy Name I pray. Amen.

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