Dreams And Visions: Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday, August 18, 2017


1. I see myself putting letters in mailboxes in front of houses. It seems I am dressed normally, and as I reach up to open the mailbox with my right hand, a letter for the person (people) in the house appears in my left hand to place in the mailbox for them. I saw this at two consecutive houses moving from my right to my left; the direction of normal traffic; but I was on foot (no mail bag).

2. I saw an eagle on a wood fence post by a country road I was walking on. I stopped to observe it and it would move its head around, but it was always looking at me.


mailman – a messenger or prophet

mailbox – prophetic ministry; where prophetic messages are delivered

right hand – victory, long life

left hand – riches, wisdom, honor

road – direction for one’s life path

journey – the path of life toward a destination

fence post – fence – marks territory, barricades to overcome

eagle – leading, of highest authority

Both visions seemed to have clear skies and a sunny day.

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