Daily Recitations: Meditating on the WORD Of GOD

Meditation upon the WORD Of GOD is an effective and necessary tool in growing in the WORD Of GOD and learning to live in and according to the Laws and Ways of the Kingdom Of GOD.

Unlike New Age meditation, where one empties their mind and opens themselves up to outside spiritual influences without testing the spirits behind the thoughts that start to flow into your mind and heart, Biblical meditation is active, involving talking, listening, thinking, speaking, hearing, and testing every thought that comes to mind while only accepting those that agree with the Holy Scripture, the Holy Bible. Biblical meditation requires discussing the WORD Of GOD with yourself, and with Holy Spirit. Constantly digging deeper into the WORD being meditated upon, constantly seeking deeper revelation from Holy Spirit opening up our spiritual understanding of the WORD Of GOD and helping us to understand how the WORD Of GOD applies to our lives.

A Daily Recitation will help you get your focus on the WORD Of GOD so that you have a starting point to begin your Scriptural meditations. Building a Daily Recitation can be a very personal thing. Pray for Holy Spirit to show you which verses of Holy Scripture are best for you to use. Which verses will encourage, uplift, instruct, and guide you in your life each day? I have posted a page with my Daily Recitations, which will be updated from time to time. You can use this as an example, or as a starting point, or even as your own Daily Recitation.

When you have built a Daily Recitation, even if it is only several verses, you can start meditating upon it throughout the day; when you are bored, when you are driving alone, when you catch yourself thinking thoughts that you know you need to overcome.

I know this will help you, because for nearly the past two years it has been helping me.

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