Daily Recitations: Becoming A Comprehensive Mobile Environmental Control System

We can be tossed to and fro by every change of the wind, constantly at the mercy and control of what others say and do. Thinking one way in order to please one person, then thinking another in order to please someone else. Acting one way in order to fit in to one crowd, and then acting another in order to fit in to another crowd.

Are you tired of being tossed around mentally and emotionally by what everyone else thinks, says, and does? How about trying something different? Learn to think the thoughts of Almighty GOD your Creator, and learn His Way of thinking and doing.

You do NOT have to be a thermometer, always reacting to the change in temperature to the crowd you are with or the environment you are in. You have a couple options that are better. Better for you, and better for the people you are around.

First, you can become a thermostat. You can fill yourself with the WORD Of GOD to the point you start living it in your daily life. YOU can set the temperature of the room instead of reacting to the temperature of the room when you first walk into it. YOU can bring the faith, love, mercy, grace, peace, and humility of a child of the Living GOD to bare in every situation and circumstance you face.

Keep at it long enough, and you might find yourself not just changing the temperature of the room, but also the entire environment. After all, THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN YOU. This Holy Kingdom that is within you is Righteousness, Peace, and Joy in Holy Spirit.

A Daily Recitation helps keep your Kingdom based environmental control system on the correct settings so that you can go forth into all the world and preach The Gospel to every creature, and when necessary, you can use words. When you strengthen yourself in the WORD Of The Living GOD as a regular practice, one or more times a day, you will find yourself living in a manner that you once thought you would never have the discipline to follow; not because of self effort, but because you will have planted enough of the Kingdom Of GOD within you that you start getting a harvest, regularly, daily. That internal environment you have taken the time to patiently build will eventually not only affect you, but it will begin to grow outward to affect others and help improve their lives; some for only a few moments spent with you, others for a lifetime because of the impact you had on them for whatever time you were with them.

As you continue in this, you will find yourself changing not only the temperature, but the whole environment of the places you go. You will have become a Comprehensive Mobile Environmental Control System, providing the best possible environment for the people our Abba Father brings across your path.

Be blessed, and be a blessing.

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