Thoughts And Meditations: Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

1. It seems my life is becoming rather simple. Only one real thing to do: Seek GOD, His Kingdom, and His Righteousness.

2. I Am created by I AM WHO IS LOVE, in the Image and Likeness of LOVE WHO IS. Therefore, by the Holy Design of our Holy Designer and Creator, LOVE created me to be (to exist as) LOVE.

3. Message: You Are The Tree (Psalm 1 [Psalm 23])

4. Last year the LORD my GOD made a promise to me concerning July 4th this year being my Independence Day. Today, this very morning, I received that very promise. Today, I walk, I live, I exist Independent from the world, the world’s way, and the world’s system. Today I begin to live IN–Dependence upon the LORD my GOD, upon His Holy Goodness, His Holy LOVE, and His Holy Grace. May this new joy, this new righteousness, this new peace, this new freedom become evident to all, be a light to all, and produce immense fruit in my life in benefit to all. Praise and Glory and Honor and Majesty and Power be unto Almighty GOD our Holy King! And to His Holy Son, our LORD Jesus Christ! And to His Holy Spirit Who brings us such Freedom and Peace!

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