Journal Entry: Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

It seems I am becoming awake to the truth that as I become closer and closer to GOD, this is my One Thing. As I continually become closer to GOD and evermore yielded to His Kingdom and His Righteousness, all other things and relationships will be brought into line; not by my effort, but by His Holy Grace.

This is a fitting realization or revelation for July 4th, the American Independence Day, for it will also now be my personal Independence Day. The Day I begin walking away from reliance upon the world’s ways and the world’s laws and systems, and begin learning to live by GOD’s Righteous Ways, by GOD’s Kingdom Laws and Principles.

Some may say I am crazy. I am only moving from one set of laws to another, but dearest friends, this is only the smallest part of the truth. I Am walking from one kingdom to the One Holy Kingdom: The Kingdom for which we were created. The Kingdom that is waiting for whosoever will believe.

Today, this morning has gone a little differently. No video, writing, posting on Facebook; but with a revelation. I pray it produces fruit pleasing to GOD, my Holy Father.

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