Daily Recitations: Practice In Preaching And Teaching The WORD Of GOD

Did you ever think, “I wish I could preach or teach the WORD Of GOD”?

Daily Recitation is a simple way to practice doing so. The Holy Scriptures recorded in the Holy Bible are written as books and letters. Some to teach history, others to provide wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and instruction. Some Holy Scripture teaches us about relationships, particularly relationship with Almighty GOD our Creator.

Reading Holy Scripture has its important place, however, reading Holy Scripture out loud will have more impact upon the person doing so being it is involving not just thinking the WORD, but speaking and hearing the WORD. Now, move from simply reading the WORD to reading it as though you are the people the passage of Holy Scripture is talking about; put yourself in their place. When reading the parts where LORD Jesus speaks, read it with all the love, joy, peace, and compassion you can possibly muster. When reading the part of the woman with the issue of blood, read it with her desperation, fear, trembling, and great desire to be whole after so very many years of suffering with an illness as an unclean outcast. Read the letters in the New Testament as though you were the writer, and you want with all the Love Holy Spirit can flood your heart with to communicate this important Holy Message to your intended audience.

Take this yet further, make it a memorized recitation. Recite it as though you were in front of a small group of people, or in front of the congregation you belong to, or even in front of an auditorium full of people. Recite it with all the love, joy, peace, humility, and compassion you can wring out of yourself; as though you were baring your own soul of precious treasure for others whose lives depend upon hearing with ears to hear what you are saying.

I will tell you, in my own practice of doing so, I am often moved to tears and trembling simply using the Daily Recitation I have posted on this web site. You can use any portion of Holy Scripture, however, I would purposely choose portions that are particularly important to you; portions Holy Spirit has led you to for your own personal growth.

As I have continued this practice, I have also looked up in the place where I was envisioning preaching the recitation, and in every seat I was the one sitting there; the auditorium was filled with “me” sitting in every single seat. I was preaching to myself. Sometimes I would even “Amen” myself. The WORD Of GOD just as it is written is truly THAT GOOD!

This will help you develop your own personal style of preaching or teaching; as well as develop a passion for speaking the WORD Of GOD, even when you are just talking to someone or thinking about IT.

I pray this practice encourages and blesses you.

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