Have You Noticed?

Have you noticed how vile and violent our society here in the United States of America has become?

Have you noticed how it has become so difficult to have an actual discussion with someone you disagree with anymore?

Have you noticed how those who claim to be tolerant of others and of other viewpoints are actually only tolerant of their own viewpoints and violently enraged against anyone who dare to disagree?

Have you noticed that the media has become a propaganda machine pushing an anti-GOD and anti-America worldview?

Have you noticed that the vast majority of schools (at all levels through college; especially in high school and college) in this country no longer teach our children how to think, but instead indoctrinate them with what to think? And belittle, harass, and embarrass them until they comply or quit; or outright run them out?

Have you noticed that the most utilized answers for almost any problem given by most politicians and media personnel are “we need more money” and “we need more control”?

Have you noticed that the United States of America is falling victim to its own freedom because its citizens no longer have the self-restraint or self-control to exercise the responsibilities that come with maintaining such freedom?

Have you noticed that the bigger our government gets the bigger our problems in this country get?

Have you noticed that everything that happens is deemed by the government and/or media to be a “crisis that needs immediate attention, action, and extra funding”?

Have you noticed your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues frustration and stress growing ever more deep and intense because of the way our country is heading and they just don’t know what to do about it anymore?

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