Your Bride

Your Bride has the breath of the Lovely One,

She suckles the small children at her side.

She feeds them from Your Goodness,

And gives them all Your New Life.


Calling the dregs of society,

Walking throughout the world,

She calls to the lost and the lonely ones,

“Come to me! Hear the Good WORD!”


The filthy, the smelly, the disgusting,

There is no one she will ever reject.

The downtrodden, the broken, the angry ones,

Hurting and full of regret.


She loves them all and joys at the sight of them,

Bringing Your Life to the high and the low.

Rich or poor do not matter to her,

All she sees is the value of their soul.


Her love is so pure and enduring,

It lights the darkest of souls.


“Freedom! Freedom!” She cries out through the streets,

Calling the high and the low.

“There is freedom and love for every one of you,

That only my Beloved can bestow!”


“Come! Taste and see of His Goodness now!

Come to the rivers that flow!

Partake of the Life that is given you,

And Life in His Heaven you will know!”


Flow, Living Waters, pour out through me,

Let Your Love through me be known.

Pour out like rain on the mountainside,

Bring life to the valleys below.


Let Your full Life now pour out through me,

Your Rivers of Life make them known

Holiness and Goodness and Love shall flow from me,

The Goodness of my Love will be known.


For the LORD is my Love, He embraces me,

Kindness and Love in His eyes.

There is only One LOVE that exists for me,

His Love burns like a fire in His eyes.


His Passion, His Presence, consuming me,

Receiving all that I am to be His,

We are one, we embrace, for His Love for me,

Is deep, and holy, and pure.


– Jim Pappas

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