LORD, You Are Good

LORD, You are like the refreshing rain in a garden of flowers.

Like a refreshing breeze through a meadow of fragrant flowers,

          Pleasing to the mind, soul, and heart.

Let me dwell in Your Presence,

          That I may know Your Goodness forever.


Walk with me through the valleys and on the mountain tops.

Let me explore Your Goodness that I may know Your Ways,

And dwell in Your Presence forever.


For LORD, You are Good, and Your Goodness is forever.

Your Lovingkindness is a balm unto my soul.

You draw me out, out of my darkness and into Your great Light.


I am naked before You, yet not ashamed.

My sin has been exposed, and cleansed by the Blood of Your Holy Lamb,

The Righteous One Who gave His Life for me.


O Holy One of all creation, I dare not turn from Your Way,

For in You is Life and Joy and Peace.

With You I shall know goodness all my days.


Holy Spirit, guide me and lead me to the Mount of Your Holiness.

Teach me to dwell there, in Your Holy Goodness.

Make me like my Father, teach me His Ways.


Help me walk this earth, my heart filled with You,

That others may know Your Presence,

And choose to dwell in Your Goodness Forever. Amen.


Praise You LORD, for You Are Good, and Your Goodness endures forever.


– Jim Pappas

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