Daily Recitations: Getting and keeping focused on GOD

In our world, so many things compete for our attention. We run from one problem to the next, often from one disaster crisis to the next. Our lives do not even seem like our own. Well, in truth, they are not. You see, our lives, though granted to us by Almighty GOD our Creator, in truth, belong to the One or the one we submit to. If we are not purposely and continuously submitting to Almighty GOD, then by default, we are living in submission to the god of this world, our adversary, Satan.

Most may argue, including most Christians, that they have not submitted to Satan. Let me ask you a simple question, one I sometimes ask myself, “Are you under stress or are you at peace?” The world teaches that stress is a normal part of everyday life; I contend it is not, not for someone submitted to Almighty GOD as a part of His Holy Kingdom. Stress, in fact, is the lack of peace; the peace that only Almighty GOD our Creator, our Abba Father, can bring us.

When we begin the practice of a Daily Recitation, especially if we start our day doing so, we start our day getting focused on our Abba Father. I have found that as I also added a Daily Recitation at the end of the day that it started getting deeper into me and helped me better keep the peace Abba Father has blessed me with. I would also suggest that whenever during the day or night you start to lose the peace Abba Father has graced you with that you take up your Daily Recitation right there and then, until your heart and mind are refocused and the peace of Abba Father returns.

This is not some mind control trick. This is a practice that puts into practical use a promise of Almighty GOD.

Isaiah 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

A Daily Recitation helps to get our mind focused on, and stayed (fixed) upon, the LORD our GOD and His Holy WORD. As we make a regular practice of this, we will also begin living out the WORD we are regularly reciting. It takes time and consistency; and over time, as we continue in this simple discipline, it begins making a difference.

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