Daily Recitations: Why have daily recitations?

Daily recitations can be a very important practice or discipline in the life of a disciple of the LORD Jesus Christ. I will not lie to you, some will see daily recitations as a boring religious practice, others will not want to see the point at all, still others will claim “I’ve tried something similar to that and it didn’t work”, and yet others will claim “that sounds like brain washing”. I wondered similar things about the practice when I believe Holy Spirit first put daily recitations on my radar. So, I am going to write a series of articles about daily recitations, including a study of the Daily Recitations I have posted, that I hope will explain the reason for such a discipline; and yes, at first, it can seem like a discipline. Remember though, self control (self discipline, temperance) is part of the fruit of Holy Spirit.

Here are my reasons for daily recitations:

  1. Getting and keeping focused on GOD
  2. Getting more faith
  3. Daily instruction in/by the WORD Of GOD in the ways of the Kingdom Of GOD
  4. Filling the heart with the WORD Of GOD (planting Seed)
  5. Renewing the mind
  6. Training the tongue, mouth, and lips
  7. Practice in preaching and teaching the WORD Of GOD
  8. Meditating on the WORD Of GOD
  9. Comprehensive Mobile Environmental Control System

I am sure there are many more reasons that I am not aware of for daily recitations, but these are the reasons I began this practice sometime in the past year.

I will be updating the Daily Recitations I have posted as needed. This study should be helpful to anyone who is interested in utilizing this tool to mature into that Abba Father created you to be.

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