Dreams and Visions: Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday, March 3, 2017

Open Vision:

I was in the shower. I looked up towards the door and saw the door; there was no shower curtain. I looked at the walls and saw the walls, not the shower enclosure, and no shower head. I looked down and was wearing a blue T-shirt, jeans, and socks, and there was no bathtub or faucet, or drain. I was standing against the wall in the NW corner of the bathroom, in a couple inches of water on blue tile with white and light blue marks in it. The toilet and sink were still there. I looked up at the door, and slowly looked down again, hoping to see the bathtub. Nothing changed, no bathtub. I called loudly for Anita to ask her what she saw. I looked down one more time, and still saw myself clothed in a couple inches of water on the floor going out to the toilet, and no bathtub. I felt as though I was losing my mind, or my grip on reality.

What does this mean?

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