How Great A Love

How great a love can there be

That my Lord, my Saviour would die for me

When for sin we were all lost

You did hang there, upon that Cross


O dear Saviour who died for me

Yours truly, shed Your Blood on Calvary

My deepest sin did willingly bear

That soon in Heaven I could share

Your love, Your presence abiding there


Yet in this life of turmoil tossed

Your sweetly take me to that Cross

My sin, my shame You’ve nailed there

While before You men did curse and swear


We did tempt You to come off that tree

I could not see You were dying for me

While in sin my soul was lost

You did hang there upon that Cross


O Cross, O Cross of Calvary

My Saviour no more is nailed to thee

In grace and mercy laid He his head down

Upon this sight I no more frown

He gave His Life that day upon that tree

O Cross, my Cross on Calvary


Our Lord’s work though finished there

His body beaten, dead, lifeless, and bare

He did hang upon that tree

O Cross, my Cross on Calvary


His tomb is empty, His grave is bare

His body no longer can be found in there

His life He shed for us that day

O Father in Heaven this now I pray


That I may see my Saviour’s face

And hold Him in a full embrace

His love so plain and clear to see

Let it forever dwell in me


And when all seems to rise in tide

Let His Blood wash away my pride

May I upon my face here now

Sweetly kiss His heavenly brow


– Brother Jim Pappas

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