Journal Entry: Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thursday, February 9, 2017

(265.5, 266.5, 266.5)

I no longer know what to do to lose weight. I can only continue as I am and change one thing every 2-3 weeks to see what will work. I had hoped to be down to 215 by now, originally. I needed to be below 250, at least, by this month’s physical.

I am also disappointed that increase has not yet occurred at Krazy Cab, and that I have not yet paid off my debts, or even caught up on my bills.

My life is better than many living in poverty, yet I am deeply dissatisfied. I should be out of debt and giving ridiculously to help others.

My faith still has not brought the physical healing to Anita and I that we should have. Our house needs a lot of work, as does our yard and gardens. We need new vehicles, and the list goes on.

When will I do any better?

When will I make a real difference to any one?

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