Thoughts and Meditations: Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I really don’t think we as people understand, when we talk about problems repeatedly, complain, gripe, grumble, and gossip, we are giving life to evil, and giving life to and power to sickness and death. We are in effect saying, “I don’t believe GOD. I don’t trust GOD. GOD’s WORD is not true. I believe Satan, evil, the world, and my problems are bigger than GOD, are greater than GOD, have more power than GOD, and are more true than GOD and GOD’s WORD.” In effect, we are spitting in GOD’s Face, slapping GOD in the Face, calling Him a liar, and turning our backs on Him. Is it any wonder we so very often fail to overcome? Even our quick, off-handed remarks and comments express these evil accusations against GOD. We often excuse ourselves and deny the existence of our enemy and his influence; and our utter willingness to go along with our enemy, living in agreement with him.

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