Journal Entry: Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thursday, December 29, 2016

(265.0, 265.0)

We need the victory in our lives that our LORD Jesus Christ won for us.

I am disappointed and dismayed at my lack of progress this past year. I still owe debt. I still need a lot of healing for my body. My sons and daughter-in-law (?) seem no closer to Christ Jesus. Our house is still in great need of repair and updating. The backyard gardens are barely started. I am not winning souls to the LORD, or getting people healed and delivered in the taxi. I am more committed to the LORD than I have ever been, but the witness of my life seems to be a testimony against me. I tithe, yet where are the blessings that are poured out from the windows of heaven by Almighty GOD? How can I preach of GOD’s healing and deliverance when I still so desperately need healing and deliverance?

LORD GOD, I ask that I may receive healing and wholeness for my teeth and my mouth today.

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