Every person on this planet was created by The Eternal, Self-Existing, Almighty GOD WHO IS LOVE and WHO IS GOOD specifically to be His Image and His Likeness. This means that YOU, yes YOU reading this now, were created by The Eternal, Self-Existing, Almighty GOD WHO IS LOVE and WHO IS GOOD specifically to be His Image and His Likeness. Every one of us is created to be perfect in goodness and to be perfect love. Originally, humanity was given by a Sovereign Creator His Authority to dress and keep the Original Garden Of Eden that our Creator Father created for our home, and expand that garden to cover the earth. We were given irrevocable free will by The Sovereign Creator, so that by our own sovereign choice we would be His sons and daughters; we would be His Family. But love is not love unless it is love by choice, hence sovereign free will. You see, The Sovereign Creator could have always remained in control, but then He would have a creation of robots. Instead, The Sovereign Creator by His Own Sovereign Choice gave up control over all the earth and put that control in the power of those He created to be His Image and His Likeness, in those He created with a free will to be their own sovereign beings. Almighty GOD is still in charge, but He has given us control; control of our own choices, control of our own lives, and control of our own eternities. We have each been given our own choice. You have been given your own choice. No one can make it for you, and you cannot make that choice for anyone else.

Adam and Eve, by their own sovereign choices, submitted themselves to Satan when they rejected the Wisdom of GOD and submitted to the perceived wisdom of Satan. They also submitted all that they were rulers over to Satan, which is the whole earth. Satan was no longer only the prince of the powers of the air, but also now the small “g” god (ruler) of this world; the rightful ruler of this world, given the authority by the rulers (Adam and Eve) who handed it over to him by their own sovereign free will. They also condemned all their descendants to the same sentence and submission.

Almighty GOD, the Eternal Creator, sent His WORD to become flesh, to pay the price that no one else could pay in order to satisfy the perfect justice which was demanded by our sin. The WORD become flesh, in English, is called Jesus Christ of Nazareth. LORD Jesus paid the perfect price to satisfy perfect justice, was resurrected from the dead, ascended into Heaven, and was seated at the right hand of GOD, the Father Almighty. The same Holy Spirit of GOD that raised the LORD Jesus Christ from the dead now fills the earth and indwells whosoever will believe that LORD Jesus was raised from the dead and confesses with their mouth The LORD Jesus Christ. There is no other name by which men (or women) can be saved. LORD Jesus IS The Way, The Truth, and The Life; nobody can come to our Heavenly Father except through the LORD Jesus Christ.

Many may question this, and many may disagree, some vehemently, and some violently; however, your disagreement is not with me, your disagreement is with the LORD Jesus Christ. The LORD Jesus Christ is The One Who originally said so.

My responsibility, as a servant of The LORD Jesus Christ, is to simply tell the truth the best I can in love and humility. This website is my attempt to do so; it is simply my part in cooperating with Almighty GOD so that His Kingdom come and His Will be done on earth just as it is in heaven. This is our Father’s business, and it is a Family business in which we are all invited to participate.

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